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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Facts about the Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country with temperatures ranging from 24 degrees C equal to 75.2 F to 38 degrees C or 100.4 degrees F. It has two seasons. The wet season, usually from July to February, and the dry season usually from March  to July.           
The country consist of more than 7 107 islands and islets. But recent counting shows that there might be more than 7 500 islands, but only 4 thousand of them are populated. The country is divided into three main areas. Luzon is the largest, Mindanao second largest, and Visayas. The capital is Manila located in Luson, The country has a population of more than 110 million. The language spoken is Filipino, and Tagalog. There is a huge amount of dialects and most provinces has their own languages or dialects. The currenies is Pesos (Php). 1 philippine peso equals or 00.019 United State Dollar or 0.016 European Euro. Dialing code: + 63.

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