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Friday, September 7, 2018

Mall of Asia The 12th Largest Mall in the World

The Philippines has a huge amount of large malls. One of them is Mall of Asia or MOA as most people prefer to name it. It has a land area of 42 hectares, and a floor area of about 406,962 square meters, and about 200,000 customers daily. MoA consist of four branches, a custom mall, entertainment area, food court and a sport area. The Led globe outside the mall is a landmark and a tourist spot in itself. Moa Is a part of the SM malls, which has branches all over the country, and it's owned by the Chinese businessman Henry Sy Sr.

The Led globe. Copyright © : T. Smordal


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  2. How many floors is Mall of Asia?

  3. Good question. I've done some research showing as of today there are six commercial floors. The rest are office and condo units. But MoA is under continuous construction and reconstruction. What's right today may be wrong tomorrow.