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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Promotion and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a Bloggers Nightmare

This week I've been busy promoting this blog, and I tell you for sure - for me anyway - that is the nightmare of blogging. I started by becoming a member of some blog directories and blog communities. I think it's important belonging somewhere. Since this is a blog about travel, I submitted the URL to some free travel directories and communities. All I had to do was adding a link or a banner in exchange. When it comes to  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that's when the nightmare begins. I hardly know what SEO means, It must be a profession on it's own. I added some tags under the title, and that's it. Now I just hope it works. I believe and I think from my experience as a blogger, that it is the search engine that generate most hits. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, has already indexed my my blog, and I'm happy for that. I've received a lot of advice's from websites that claim to be experts in SEO, but I must pay a lot for their work. I understand that I must pay for their work, but I'm by far convinced that their search engine optimization will work for me. I believe more in the search engines. We will see. Good luck to us all.   

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